Whether you have just purchased a new piece of equipment, or your old workhorse is starting to show signs of wear-and-tear, proper maintenance will keep your machines running smoothly for an uninterrupted work out schedule. At Kawartha Home Fitness, we educate our customers on the proper maintenance specific to the product you currently own, or for new products you are considering purchasing.

  • General Maintenance Advice
  • On-site Equipment Tune-ups
  • Coordinate parts ordering
  • Coordinate Warranty Claims and Repairs

For customers considering the purchase of a new piece of equipment, buying the machine best suited to your needs is the first step in eliminating potential maintenance issues. A quality piece of fitness equipment is not something you should expect to replace annually. The right machine for you should be considered as a long-term investment in your personal health. However, even the best equipment is subject to regular wear-and-tear which can lead to maintenance issues. Having your equipment professionally installed is the first step to eliminating service issues. Kawartha Home Fitness offers complete in-home delivery and professional assembly which will eliminate the risk of any improper setup which will void your warranty.